There are three things I hate more than anything in the world. Three things that I find terrifying, horrifying and down-right creepy:

  1. Porcelain Dolls,
  2. Clowns, and
  3. Puppets.

When I was ten, a family friend returned from a trip to Germany with a gift. I quietly hoped for a dozen Kinder…

There’s a scene in “I Am Not Your Negro” where a 1950s housewife is twirling about in her kitchen, doing basic June Cleaver-esque things. In the background you hear a reading of James Baldwin’s that talks about the grotesque violence of it all.

I keep replaying that scene in my…

I think it was empathy we were afraid of —

When we took our vows.

Vows of celibacy, abstinence

Refusing to be a part of a world we could not escape,

Terrified of getting close enough to cling to something real.

We were afraid of failing.

And of knowing what…

Victoria Meléndez

Spirituality | Racial Justice | Friendship

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